Photographer for all your events, on the Frenc Riviera (Nice, Monaco, Cannes...)

Professional photographer based in the south of France, my photographer activities are intended both for professionals, institutional bodies (local authorities, government etc ...), as associations and individuals.
I move easily in France and throughout Europe as long as you book early enough.
You will find here an overview of my services to promote your products and services or to highlight your business or family events. Taking photographs makes it possible to choose angles, perspectives to highlight places and situations.

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Photographer prestations

I propose to make pictures of events you organize (congress, conferences, seminars, symposiums, sporting or cultural event, private party, party, wedding etc ...) as well as to establish your image banks for illustrate your websites, documentation, publications, posters ...
It is also possible to achieve for you short video clip of your events or promotions for your business. Motion pictures are a very powerful on internet ...
I also offers aerial photographs taken by helicopter, airplane or other means (ball pole ...) . These types of images including value places and real estate services .
If your wedding is planned in the coming months. I also invite you to discover an overview of my wedding photos. Wedding photographer, I will propose a meeting to be able to show you my books.
You can also preview pictures of illustration on different themes : Nice, Alpes Maritimes, Monaco, Antibes, Cannes, Mercantour, Hautes Alpes, Aviation, Corsica ... These images can illustrate your documents or publications.
The page "virtual tour" invites you to discover places from all angles 360 °. This type of interactive panoramic view allows users of your website (or recipient of CD / DVD promotion) to find an overview of your benefits and more easily decide distance (enhanced online booking ) .
You also have a page showing you pictures in high resolution for either the production of large format photo prints or viewing the on-screen zoom up strongly in the image. This type of photos you can either decorate a place or presenting a panorama to your customers (real estate, rental, hotel and tourist area ...). Another page on conventional panoramic pictures are also offered.
Page publication presents some of my photos published in the press, corporate press or other media of advertising brochures category. If you are editor responsible department photos, iconographer... do not hesitate to tell me your requests, you get a quick response. I have a stock photo and also makes shooting with the command (reportage, portrait etc...).
You'll also be able to see product images, objects (packshoot) or food pictures. On internet, beautiful pictures of your products are essential to convince your prospective buyers.

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Photographer Informations

Feel free to send me your requests with your personal details (email, contact, function...). I will answer you as quickly as possible by offering you a quote.

Gilles Ehrentrant