The beautiful city of Nice offers us the occasion of a sort of video delirium swirling illustrating the limit of the walk of the English and the wharf of the United States, but also the Christmas village and the illuminations of the place Masséna.

Nice, you make me turn my head!

From Rauba Capeu at sunset, quietly, walk along the Bay of Angels, then walk in the very festive Christmas village along the green flow, before going to admire the bright spectacle of Place Masséna.
We come to mind this beautiful song by Edith Piaf (which a street in Nice bears its name) written by Jean Constantin and Norbert Glanzberg "You make me turn the head" and that seems to us to correspond well to the Nice atmosphere illustrated by the small video swirling visible below:
"You make me turn my head / My ride to me is you / I'm always at the party / When you hold me in your arms / I'll go around the world / It would not turn more than it / The earth is not round enough / To make me dizzy as much as you ... "

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