Event photographer Cannes, Monaco, Nice, in all the French Riviera

The photo report or video of a professional event (congress, conference, seminar, product launch, event marketing, inauguration etc ...) is often the only visible trace remains. These images will then be used to promote the company or the organization concerned. The visual part of your communication is essential.

We valorize your corporates events

Assign this task to an experienced professional will allow you to have all the image you need to pomote your business.

We have a wide experience in photo events including corporate reports, both on the French Riviera, and elsewhere in Europe (Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix, at the Grimaldi Forum Congress Monaco, at the Palace of the Mediterranean, Nice Acropolis, at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes and in most major hotels in the Côte d' Azur (Var and Alpes Maritimes), Geneva Palexpo, Rai Amsterdam, Tivoli or Bella center in Copenhagen, Parc Chanot Marseille, Lyon Convention Centre, Geneva Palexpo, Palais des Congrès de Paris ).
Based in the south of France, we travel across Europe at competitive rates as long as you book us early.

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We are listening to your requests and needs, we respect the instructions and schedules shoots and editorial lines chosen by our clients (angles, put forward certain situations and / or people).

We speak English so we can easily share with you and we are known for our "savoir vivre" (required, schedule adherence etc ...), our discretion and professionalism (preparation, anticipation, duplicate equipment, organization etc ...).

Your photo report

We carry a large selection work (editing) native image, then perform a photo post production (Photoshop) on all images to optimize. We are also able to deliver some of the images quickly for your press releases or on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc ...). If the video is one of your requests we are able to offer video clip prestation, highlighting your event. You access to more information on this video prestation on the video section of this website.
Do not hesitate to give us your quotation requests, we will you send quickly a proposal.

Photos Congres 01
Photos Congres 02
Photos Congres 03
Photos Congres 04
Photos Congres 05
Photos Congres 06
Photos Congres 07
Photos Congres 08
Photos Congres 09
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