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This part of the website is the content of my old website that has been integrated to
Professional photographer, I propose to take photos of your wedding in the department of Alpes-Maritimes (06, Nice, Cannes, Antibes ....), as well as Monaco, or elsewhere in France.
This site shows wedding photography representing all the key moments of your wedding day : preparation, civil and religious ceremonies, wedding portraits in the classical or reporting style, pictures during the evening of the wedding, capturing details and the atmosphere of the marriage, wedding photos in Black and White or "effects (sepia, cross processing, panoramic etc...).
A page is available detailing different formulas for your wedding photos. Prices vary according to different moments covered by photography reporting, and the number of pictures available. It is of course possible to consult a price liste "à la carte" according to your desires and choices.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like to meet so that we may discuss the photo reporting of your marriage. I will present to you at this meeting pictures on paper (photo paper or a wedding book).
A page offers some photographics experiences of married couples that I had the pleasure of accompanying the day of their marriage.
A wedding directory may enable you to find the appropriate provider for your wedding (restaurant, caterer, DJ, room, entertainment, clown, wedding dress or suit for the groom, engagement rings etc ...) to make the Big Day more festive!

Call at an experienced professional photographer for your wedding photos.
I accompany you with a lot of pleasure for this beautiful day. Having identified your tastes and desires, I give myself the objective of achieving a report tracing the course of your marriage immortalizing moods, smiles, emotions, places ...

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