The all Nice cultural fluttered on February 14, 2019, lovers day, the opening of the beautiful exhibition of Christine Spengler place Pierre Gautier. A great pleasure to admire the photos of this war photographer, but also images from a more personal work.

Christine Spengler War Reporter

Present on site for the opening, the photographer, an orange band around the head visibly happy to be there passed from group to group. Smiling as she pleased, she toured the exhibition, accompanied by Gerard Baudoux, the Nice municipal assistant in charge of museums and contemporary art.Expo Christine Spengler Nice

The photographer was broadcast in the big magazine press like Paris Match or the New York Times. We admire his work and his commitment by keeping in mind the growing precariousness of current war photoreporters who have no other choice, often than to finance their own reports. Reported advances have almost disappeared.

Beautiful black and white prints, large, illustrate several wars of the second half of the twentieth century. The conflicts in Lebanon, Ireland or Cambodia take a more human turn here through these photographs. A mixture of empathy and at the same time distance from the subjects emerges from the works on display. Like this bride in Beirut (Lebanese capital dear to our heart) in immaculate white dress, in the middle of the ruins taking the pose without even seeing the damage of the war around her. Or this young Iranian girl, with the airs of Joconde, framed in the center of a group of other young girls the look so deep. The framing often centered in the manner of August Sanders strengthens for our pleasure the situations to go to the basics like this little boy in the desert dressed as a soldier.
This exhibition, which is partly devoted to conflicts of all kinds, should remind us of the incredible happiness and fragility of living in a country at peace.
War photography is a great educational tool and citizen.

Expo Christine Spengler Nice

Photo montages

Expo Christine Spengler Nice

The author also exhibits on the ground floor of the museum a more intimate work made of colorful compositions representing members of her family in a very lively and flamboyant style. This very lively and baroque part, in the words of Luc Desbenoit in Télérama, brings the dead back to life according to the expression of the author.

As always at the Charles Nègre Museum in Nice, the exhibition is beautifully arranged and the works put forward. Do not miss this high-quality exhibition, which was also exhibited at the European House of Photography in Paris in 2016.

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