Packshoot French Riviera

We propose culinary and photos of your products and objects. Your prospective buyers will be very sensitive to the quality of your illustrations as well on your websites on your brochures, press releases, posters etc ...

Packshoot Gen 01
Packshoot Gen 02
Packshoot Gen 03
Packshoot Gen 04
Packshoot Gen 05
Packshoot Gen 06
Packshoot Gen 07
Packshoot Gen 08
Packshoot Gen 09
Packshoot Gen 10

Your sales requires, to be put in front, professional quality images. We offer either you ship your products to be photographed or we visit your facility to make the images on site. We have a professional photo studio consists of light boxes, flash umbrella, cone reflector etc ...
A systematic postproduction in photoshop optimize the images before distribution.

Example photos of chairs

Packshoot Meuble 1
Packshoot Meuble 2
Packshoot Meuble 3
Packshoot Meuble 4
Packshoot Meuble 5
Packshoot Meuble 6

Example food photos (web illustration)

Photo Culinaire 1
Photo Culinaire 2
Photo Culinaire 3
Photo Culinaire 4
Photo Culinaire 5
Photo Culinaire 6
Photo Culinaire 7
Photo Culinaire 8

Example photos for a catalog of an industrial bakery (paper and web)

Packshoot Pain 1
Packshoot Pain 2
Packshoot Pain 3
Packshoot Pain 4
Packshoot Pain 5
Packshoot Pain 6
Packshoot Pain 7
Packshoot Pain 8

Example clipping product (integration into a decoration)

Packshoot Detourage 1
Packshoot Detourage 2
Packshoot Detourage 3
Packshoot Detourage 4

Packshot example for a manufacturer of perfumes (paper and web)

Packshoot Parfum 1
Packshoot Parfum 2
Packshoot Parfum 3
Packshoot Parfum 4
Packshoot Parfum 5
Packshoot Parfum 6

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