Hight definition pictures : panoramic, large format printing ...

A high resolution photography allows you to perform a print large format or illustrate a website a place in every detail. High definition photo (several tens of millions of pixels) can be used to develop a hotel or a cottage, a village ( tourist office), a township, a company (artisanal or industrial area etc ... ).

Panoramic view (panorama , panoramic photo) can decorate a place (photo exhibition). The job requires a professional photographer to use the advantages of digital capture and computer literate . These photos are made with high- resolution digital sensors and an assembly technique by tiling multiple images. Our photos are on HD compatible Iphone and Ipad!

To go into the details of the panorama below simply click on the + button on the navigation bar and use the small preview window in the upper left to move. To return to the initial situation just click on the arrow round.

Sample of HD picture of the Nice town (France)

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Sample of HD illustration photo

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Sample of HD photo inside a boat

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