An exhibition not to be missed until April 19, 2020 at the port of Nice at the Lympia gallery to admire the works of one of the most famous French painters living in abstract art.

Painting: a school of photography

Expo Soulages à Nice Galerie LympiaWe are often asked for advice: how to make beautiful photos? This already raises the question of what a beautiful photo is, as tastes and colors diverge according to cultures, social origins, personal history, individual sensitivities etc ...
We like the maxim that says that an amateur photographer makes beautiful, sometimes very beautiful images, while the professional photographer tries to sell them by adapting to the tastes of his customers. Rather specialized in event photography for congresses and seminars, we are regularly confronted with this. Maxim also true in wedding photos, hotels, virtual company visits etc ...

How to become a better photographer: some modest advice

One way is to attend photo exhibitions for example at the Charles Nègres photography museum next to Cours Saleya in the center of Nice. The talent of others by force will slowly infuse your images.
Visiting painting exhibitions will also teach you a lot, for example about the art of composition, decisive moment, colors etc ..... Maybe you will give up your comfortable and telephoto protector and an almost obsessive interest in the material to get a little bit more essential. Perhaps the next step would be to visit the Soulages exhibit at the Lympia Gallery. The abstract art exhibited here may invite you to abstract photographic compositions or even to ideas for compositions of street photographs, ideas of patterns and black atmospheres….

Some digressions so through this little blog article to share a crush on this Soulages exhibition in Nice. The link to the museum here.

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